Calligraphy- Handwriting Improvement

What is Calligraphy-Handwriting Improvement

“Good Handwriting is a sign of Healty Mind,
Bad Handwriting is a sign of Imperfect Education”
Mahatma Gandhi

Universal’s calligraphy course is aimed at improvement in student’s handwriting. There are certain rules, which when followed, lead to excellent handwriting. A good handwriting is a pleasure both to the student and to the teacher. A good handwriting can be maintained with good alignment.

Duration of course

Universal’s Calligraphy course is of 12 classes of 1 hour each. Classes can be held thrice in a week, as per the requirement of students.

Who can Join?

All students from 3rd to 12th Standard can Join our Calligraphy course.

Benefits of Calligraphy Course

After completing our Calligraphy-Handwriting improvement course, student will be proud of his/her own handwriting and will be high on confidence.

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