Who Can Be Our Franchise

First of all let us take this opportunity to thank you for your wise decision to take a Franchise from Universal Abacus It is a very good income generating source with minimum of investment. What more, you have to work only once in a week and you could generate handsome income. There has never been a better time for this decision of becoming our franchise partner. As a franchise partner you will be interacting with parents who want their children to be the best and are willing to pay for their future


1. Any Individual/School/Firm/Business House can become our Franchise

2. You must have a space of around 200 sq. ft. only, where 10-15 students can sit properly on chairs and take abacus classes.

3. You must have a person ready to take teacher’s training for Abacus Program


1. You must be an enthusiastic person having passion for teaching and interest In Education business.

2. Having good communication skills is a plus point.

Once you qualify for the project, agree to the financial obligations and decide to take up the franchisee, the required training is provided by the Company, this adds to your qualification.

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